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28 February, 2020



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Paper Pirates is a social deduction party game for one to ten players, where players use web-enabled devices (such as their mobile phones) as controllers. Set sail on haunted seas as you and your crew attempt to head home to safety, but be careful, someone has been possessed, and will be trying to throw all your treasure overboard! Players must follow the captain’s orders, with the captain choosing who they do and don’t trust for daily tasks. If anyone disobeys an order, chaos ensues and treasure goes overboard. Got an idea who might be disobeying the captain? Or is your captain choosing untrustworthy players on purpose? Each round ends with a voting phase, where pirates can be thrown overboard to return as the human stowaway, ready to make their way up the ranks all over again! But get it wrong and throw over someone that isn’t possessed, and you may end up haunted yourself! Plain sailing ahead? If you make it back home and the captain is a ghost, it’s game over for the humans, so keep your wits about you, and trust no one!


Paper Pirates began as an entry to graduate competition Tranzfuser in summer 2019, where our team of three formed Iteration Games and were granted funding to develop the game after attending various pitching events. After taking the game to Insomnia 65, UK Games Expo, MCM Comic Con, Manchester and EGX in 2019, we knew we wanted to push for release early 2020 and did so by the end of February. Since launch we have updated the game continuously with additional content, features and even a new game mode!


  • Up to 10 players can set sail by watching the game on a single screen or through a streaming service. With additional players affecting the game through audience mode!
  • Events that mix up everything, with whirlpools, mutinies, spies and more, no two games will ever be the same.
  • Collecting achievements unlocks hats for your customisable pirates in game, as well as backgrounds, poses and foils in the Captain’s Log, so you can show off your pirates in style!
  • Custom games allow you to customise how easy you want the game to be for your ghosts or humans, how many events you want to show up and even how many ghosts you start with!
  • Scored games add a less team-based variation on the game, where players can collect coins over their time at sea, throwing over players and completing secret objectives and will be ranked at the end of the game accordingly!


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Job Failure.png
Human Victory.png
X Marks the Spot.png
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Captains Log.png
Wasp Nest Event.png
Jim Bottle was a Human.png
Fishing for Treasure.png
An Event Happened.png
Pirate Roll Call.png
Compass of Fate.png
Island Adventure.png
Magic Lamp.png
Round History.png
A Pirate Goes Overboard.png
Scored Mode Game End.png
The Spiritual Scales.png
Playing In.png

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About Iteration Games

A small indie games studio based in Manchester UK! Developers of Paper Pirates, a social deduction party game with pirates and ghosts, and An Elaborate History of Chess, a crafting real-time and turn-based strategy game.

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Paper Pirates Credits

Alex Brooke

Matthew Crossley

Matt Lawrence

Kevin Plover

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